Excerpt from the article:

Gina Dokko is a University of California Davis, career scholar who chaired a panel titled “Robots And Algorithms And AI, Oh My!” at a recent meeting of the Academy of Management. The panel involved three more scholars, a business school dean, a writer on work and technology, and a job market analytics CEO. Their charge was to look beyond the short-term advice commonly available, and to ask a series of deeper questions: “What do these technologies mean for careers? What does a good career look like now? How can people starting their careers prepare for a lifetime of work? How do people in the middle of their careers proceed along career paths that are shifting or buckling?” Here’s what Dokko told me, and how it can be helpful to you.

Two sides to each issue. Dokko’s first takeaway is that there are two sides to every issue on the table. One side is concerned with short-term improvements for people and organizations, the other side is concerned with what the issue means long-term.