Excerpt from the article:

How do we understand and develop inclusive organizations?

This was the central question of the 79th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (www.aom.org). This yearly event gathers the brightest scholars and practitioners in management to tackle the most important issues facing businesses and other types of organizations. This year, the AOM meeting was set in Boston, from Aug. 9 to 13.

True to its theme of inclusiveness, I was able to join the prestigious gathering with the help of the Management, Spirituality, and Religion (MSR) division and the generosity of The Fetzer Institute (www.fetzer.org). It was an honor to be one of the 20 Fetzer Scholars around the world chosen among many applicants. Through these mechanisms, I was able to represent the Philippines together with my mentors. Thus, as a way of sharing what I learned and paying forward the generosity I have gratefully experienced, I write my thoughts and reflections on how we can journey towards inclusion.

Photos: Scenes from the Academy of Management’s 79th Annual Meeting held in August 2019 in Boston.